Graz – what a nice city

Austria`s second largest city, tends to be overlooked by tourists who visit Austria. Though the European Capital of Culture (2003) offers a large number of attractions, many tourists happen to visit the wine-growing valley around Gamlitz widely known as the “Styrian Tuscany”.
The capital of Styria is situated on the banks of the river Mur and spreads in an idyllic fashion around its prominent mountainous rock called Schlossberg. Graz is said to have one of the most unique symbiosis of historic and modern architecture. Graz has best original preserved nucleus in central Europe, most of its buildings date as back as the early 16th century (Baroque)! In 1999 UNESCO declared the Old Town of Graz a World Heritage. Ultra modern architecture such as the Kunsthaus, named “Friendly Alien” by the locals, and the island in the Mur as well as its ramp attract modernists from all over the world.
The most famous son of Graz, California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, does not have a monument named after him but you can trace spots of the former Styrian Oak.
America’s leading travel magazine “National Geographic Traveler” rated Graz as the number 5 top destination amongst its worldwide list of 109 “Historic places” to see. (Nov. 2008,
Let us lead you to this undervalued jewel! Enjoy the atmosphere and scenery from the top of the Schlossberg and discover the sleeping beauty of Graz.