VIENNA – What will await you and what you can expect

A city rather to love and hate, than to comprehend leave.” stated writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal about Vienna, and what that means only Viennese are be able to understand – and you who as our guest will feel more like home after experienced our uniquely customized tours in this beautiful city. Regardless if this is your first trip or you have visited Vienna multiple times, we base our programs to your special desires and personal interests.

Of course, we offer you the classics and show you thematically most significant highlights of Vienna: Depending on your preferences you visit the Ringstrasse with its palatial buildings as the Opera, St. Stephan´s cathedral and Schönbrunn Palace – all tours designed individually. But Vienna is more than these touristic sight-seeings trips. Our speciality is to bring you closer to the real Vienna. See the favorite hang-outs of the locals by day. Visit the most sought nightlife spots – secrets which you won’t find in any tourist guide. Mingle with the locals in their world. Catch the real Viennese spirit and soul. Find out how Viennese “tick”. Witness how they enjoy their past history and their modern city at the same time.

Stadt Wien
Just for attuning to the right mood

“The difficulty with Vienna is that it was already everthing” remarked the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset. Vienna was Celtic, Romanic, Hungarian, East-Gothic, Byzantine, Hungarian, Babenberger, Bohemian, Habsburg, then again Hungarian, and then for four hundred years again the Habsburg Empire, followed by the Republic of Austria, temporarily part of the Third Reich and eventually today Austria as a democracy.
That´s Vienna, described in “Die Welt in der Nuss – Östereichs Haupstadt“ by Gottfried Heindl.

Vienna today is as colourful as its history was. The city is a mixture (Melange) and a melting pot of different cultures. Vienna offers a variety of outdoor activities in its green lungessuch as the Prater, the Isle of Danube, the Lobau and the Wiener Wald (Vienna Forest). Then there are the energetic and mystical places like the “Himmelwiese” (sky-meadow), which was Sissi´s beloved hide-away. Walk through the Jewish dominated district Karmeliterviertel and its Augarten. Discover Soho, the new art district at the multi-cultural Brunnenmarkt, also The Freihaus-district which is the current hip and trendy place to live in. Take a stroll through the Steinhof-Gründe with its famous art deco church by Secessionist Otto-Wagner.  the French-touched area around the Palais Lichtenstein and Strudelhofstiege, the gasometers (ex-flag towers) which are converted into a appament complex and a shopping mall, the Bohemian Prater (a small luna park), the “kleine Wurstelprater”, the castle Neugebäude (outdoor theatre and entertainment), the Naschmarkt (Vienna largest farmer market), and a respectable amount of cafes and restaurant with national and international cuisine (appr.5000 in Vienna), as finally a respectable nightlife-scene.
Entertainment, sports and culture – the Viennese have it all but despite all these possibilities they are widely known for their “grumpiness. Why this? The easiest way to find out is by diving in their nightlife. During 1 am and 4 am the people show you their real faces turn their inside out. Nobody lies at that time of the day.

We guide you to the “Stadtbögen” at the Gürtel and depending on the season package for you events in the “Altes AKH”, lead you to the Danube canal favorites (Hermannstrandbar, Flex), the legendary disco U4, in the “Arena” (with its cult status for music performances) and get you in touch with the up and coming art galleries nearby Wallensteinplatz.